6 of Wands


Jupiter is the planet of expanding into the world, and new growth. And a key word for those with a fire sign Jupiter is spontaneous. Jupiter in fire sign Leo expands spontaneously through creativity, play and the thrill of having a Big Personality.
Leo is the second fire sign after Aries, and is fixed fire – this means there’s sustained attention. That gives Jupiter Leo staying power, to become good at something, and experience the full flowering of creative talents.
If this is your Jupiter, and you’ve lost your mojo, a remedy is seeking color, what makes your heart sing, or a creative risk that calls out your courage. You wilt in situations where you’re treated like an automaton, and not respected for your individuality.
Nothing makes you more irritable than having to conform. Being pressured to be the same as everybody else, makes you die a little inside. Unfortunately, this often happens in school, where sudden outbursts are suspect, or even punished.
Your path to growth is to celebrate what makes you, You! Have you been conditioned to hide your light under a bushel?
You might have some serious deprogramming to do, and Jupiter obliges. An angle of Jupiter is freedom, and so your story is one of shaking off what hides your particular hues, quirks, talents and perspectives.
Leo is ruled by the Sun, and you shine brightest when you’re able to put your unique stamp on everything you do. If you have a business, for example, you’ll want everything associated with it – promotion materials, website — to reflect your true colors.
You take special pride in your children, or could enjoy working with wee ones in some way.
What’s so special about Jupiter in the birth chart, is that if you follow its signs and serendipity, there are in-your-face rewards. This happens to be my Jupiter Leo and I can see how my luckiest times have been when I’ve taken creative risks. It’s like those in your circle have a sixth sense for what to encourage most. And allies and material needs seem to come when they’re most needed.
A notable memory is when I adapted a short story for the stage, and produced and directed it myself. The elder actor called me, “Boss,” respectfully. (Source: astrology.about.com)

Jupiter in Leo gives a truly noble nature, blending kindness and courage, self-reliance and loyalty, self-restraint and compassion, mercy and justice. It indicates, in short, a paragon of virtues nowhere excelled. It gives an abundance of vitality and a strong constitution so that it marks a leader physically, morally and spiritually, nor will such a person ever be content to follow. He craves positions of trust and responsibility, the greater the better. He will always be equal to the occasion and never abuse the confidence of those who have placed him there. Such people have an innate culture and refinement. They are fond of everything that tends to the uplift of humanity, religious, sincere; sure to win recognition and success dealing in speculative investments. When Jupiter is afflicted in Leo the person becomes cruel and sensuous, abnormally fond of pleasure and subject to loss by investments, speculation and gambling. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

5th House, House of Pleasure (Children). Recreational and leisure activities. Creative self-expression. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Children. Love and romance.

Jupiter in the Fifth House and well-aspected increases the number of children and they will bring much profit and pleasure to the parents; it gives popularity and good friends who will be a help to the person, also a sociable and pleasure loving disposition. Gain by speculation is foreshown, high intelligence and success in educational work or the publishing or newspaper business. These people make fine teachers and have a very convincing way of putting things. If Jupiter is afflicted in the Fifth House, especially in Sagittarius, it gives a tendency towards gambling and loss thereby, a love of sports, disinclination for work, and trouble with children. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

The number 3 – Jupiter, Reconciling/Intuitive (Fire)
Positive traits:
– Strong sense of order and values, balanced, dynamic, struggle against limits, accurate impressions and insights, an arbiter or mediator, never-ending optimism, happy and fun-loving, enjoys life fully, independent.
Negative traits:
– Scattered energies, exaggeration, unfinished projects, lack of direction, moodiness, self-centeredness, unemotional.

Crowley: Victory. This card represents Tiphareth of the suit of Fire. This shows Energy in completely balanced manifestation. The Five has broken up the closed forces of the Four with revolutionary ardour, but a marriage has taken place between them; and the result is the Son, and the Sun.
The reference is also to Jupiter and Leo, which seems to imply a benediction on the harmony and beauty of this arrangement. It Will be seen that the Three Wands of the Three Adepts are now orderly arranged; and the flames themselves, instead of shooting out in all directions, burn steadily as in lamps. They are nine in number, in reference to Yesod and the Moon. This shows the
stabiliza tion of the Energy, and its reception and reflection by the Feminine. There is no circle to enclose the system. It is self-supporting, like the Sun.

Waite: A laurelled horseman bears one staff adorned with a laurel crown; footmen with staves are at his side.
The card has been so designed that it can cover several significations; on the surface, it is a victor triumphing, but it is also great news, such as might be carried in state by the King’s courier; it is expectation crowned with its own desire, the crown of hope, and so forth.
Reversed: Apprehension, fear, as of a victorious enemy at the gate; treachery, disloyalty, as of gates being opened to the enemy; also indefinite delay.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
9 of Clubs – Achievement; sometimes a wealthy marriage or a sudden windfall.


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