7 of Wands


People born with Mars in Leo have a bold but reassuring and quiet confidence. They are strong, courageous, capable and they know it, they don’t need to boast.
These people are often very popular.
They can be arrogant and self centered but they are also usually very generous and kind. They go after they want by being themselves, being confident, and being courageous. For them, there is no competition, they are already the best. They have already won. They don’t like to break a sweat trying to prove their greatness. They like to break a sweat showing their greatness and all the little wonderful things they can do. They can be showoffs and attention seeking. They can be ridiculously bossy, always feeling like they are in charge of the show and telling everyone what to do. But they are always hard workers. They are highly energetic and never stop thinking about improving themselves to stay on top. They want to be the best forever and will always work hard behind the scenes to keep it that way. (Source: astrophilosophy.tumblr.com)

Mars in Leo and well-aspected gives an active, industrious and honest nature, fearless and independent in all dealings with others, a keen sense of honor and responsibility, hence makes one eminently fitted to occupy a position of trust either in a public or private concern. These people are enthusiastic and energetic either in work or play, lovers of sport and a good time generally. They are very ardent in their admiration of the opposite sex and woo the object of their affections with an intensity that carries all before it, overrides all obstacles and brings the matter to a speedy consummation. These people never beat about the bush but say what they mean in a manner that is often extremely embarrassing in its directness. They are strong and forceful in their arguments either for or against that which they believe or disbelieve and therefore they not infrequently arouse opposition on the part of those who differ from them. They are very venturesome and often take a pride in risk either in the pursuit of pleasure or business. When Mars is afflicted in Leo it gives a fiery, violent temper and a liability to fever inflammatory diseases, palpitation of the heart, hallucinations, biliousness. There is also danger of inordinate affection, trouble in courtship, loss of children and loss through speculations. An afflicted Mars in Leo gives the same daring as when well-aspected but the danger of accident is greater because the person with the afflicted planets becomes foolhardy and reckless. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

5th House, House of Pleasure (Children). Recreational and leisure activities. Creative self-expression. Things which makes for enjoyment and entertainment. Games and gambling. Children. Love and romance.

Mars in the Fifth House when well-aspected gives an ardent, demonstrative love-nature. It makes the person fond of athletic exercises, sports and muscular effort, a clean, masterful man much admired by the opposite sex or a woman who is a real “pal” to her male companion. These people make excellent disciplinarians and are much beloved by their pupils if placed in positions as teachers, or better still as principals for they make much better leaders than followers. But when Mars is afflicted in the Fifth House it makes the person very fickle in his affections. It is on with the new love even before he is through with the old, an all-around flirt and therefore likely to get into a great deal of trouble. Over- indulgence of the amorous nature is liable to sap the vitality and create dangerous physical conditions. In a woman’s horoscope there is grave danger of death to a child in the horoscope of either sex. People with Mars afflicted in the Fifth House are also liable to loss through gambling and speculation in stocks, bonds and securities. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

The number 2 – Mars, Reactive/Intuitive (Fire)
Positive traits:
– Cooperative, reactive, adaptability, energetic, quick thinking, sensitive to the needs of others, enthusiastic, open-minded, honest, strong instincts.
Negative traits:
– Furious or depressive, stubborn, hesitating, swinging, yielding, irresolute, drown in detail, irrational, impulsive, impatience, moody, short tempered, self-involved, outspoken.

Crowley: Valour. This card derives from Netzach (Victory) in the suit of Fire. But the Seven is a weak, earthy, feminine number as regards the Tree of Life, and represents a departure from the balance so low down on the Tree that this implies a loss of confidence. Fortunately, the card is also attributed to Mars in Leo. Leo is strn the Sun in his full strength, but the marks of decadence are already to be seen. It is as if the wavering fire summoned the brutal energy of Mars to its support. But this is not enough to counter-act fully the degeneration of the initial energy, and the departure from equilibrium. The army has been thrown into disorder; if victory is to be won, it will be by dint of individual valour-a “soldiers’ battle”.
The pictorial representation shows the fixed and balanced wands of the last card relegated to the background, diminished, and become commonplace. In front is a large crude uneven club, the first weapon to hand; evidently unsatisfactory in ordered combat. The flames are dispersed, and seem to attack in all directions without systematic purpose.

Waite: A young man on a craggy eminence brandishing a staff; six other staves are raised towards him from below.
It is a card of valour, for, on the surface, six are attacking one, who has, however, the vantage position. On the intellectual plane, it signifies discussion, wordy strife; in business – negotiations, war of trade, barter, competition. It is further a card of success, for the combatant is on the top and his enemies may be unable to reach him.
Reversed: Perplexity, embarrassments, anxiety. It is also a caution against indecision.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
8 of Clubs – Work/business problems that may have to do with jealousy. This is generally thought to be quite unfavorable.


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