78 days Tarot challenge, day one

20180101 32-1 Queen of Swords

20180101 32-1 Queen of Swords

Day one: The Queen of Swords.
The first card I draw is the Queen of Swords – a very nice card to start this journey actually!
The Court Cards represents our higher aspirations, our need to evolve and get to the next level of consciousness. This is a difficult and mostly unpleasant process. Evolution is never natural, never comes easy. On the contrary, evolution is against nature, against the status quo.
From the astrological perspective, the Court Cards, except the Kings, are all in Detriment, respectively in 180-grade opposition.
The Queen of Swords represents the Sun in Aquarius, a fiery planet in an Air sign. Sun brings much passion to the thinking process, and that may lead to real revolutions. Progress is possible only when we are looking for a different approach; we find a different perspective or angle to work. Progress is never about doing things as they used to be done, but about being bold and beg to differ. Stepping out of the line might bring a couple of raised eyebrows, but change never comes easy, and it is rarely accepted from the beginning. Mind your own business and be your self, walk your own path! Moreover, keep in mind: it is not about you anymore, but about everybody interested in making a step forward.

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(Excerpt from the book “The Unified Esoteric Tarot – General introduction and Guidebook” by Attila Blága. Full or partial use of this text for commercial or non-commercial distribution by any means whatsoever is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorised by the author.)

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