Another look at the Court Cards, part four

Queen of Swords, The Star - Cary-Yale Visconti Tarrochi

Queen of Swords, The Star - Cary-Yale Visconti Tarrochi
The fourth quadrant: Knight of Disks, Queen of Swords and Page of Cups.
Queen of Swords – Aquarius (Fixed/Air, Uranus in Aquarius), under the rulership of The Star.
The Queen of Swords likes to turn the world upside down. She has great intuitive power and a lot of original ideas. Highly inventive, she can envision the future and will put all her efforts toward bettering humanity. Most likely, any revolution has its Queen of Swords, and she loves to be in the middle of the action. She is compassionate, understanding and likes to socialise, communicate with others and to be among the people. The Queen of Swords is a devoted and reliable friend, always willing to help. She is highly intelligent, and she can be impersonal and detached when she has to make an important decision or give useful advice to somebody else.
Robert Wang speculates that The Sun, The Moon and The Star were initially linked and most likely The Star refers to the “Morning Star” which is planet Venus. If that is correct, the card has nothing to do with Aquarius, but it should be attributed, one way or the other, to Taurus or Libra. The medieval depiction of the card may refer to the Star which guided the three Mages to Bethlehem. It is an interesting reference, while the woman depicted in the card seems to be pregnant. Gender wise, Aquarius is considered masculine, but in my opinion, all the Fixed signs are feminine – Mater semper certa est. No matter how awkward it may sound, in this case, a pregnant woman is designated to embody a masculine Zodiac sign. On the other hand, one should also consider the hypothesis of the “inner star” – which can be the child inside the women’s womb, or, the apparent pregnancy is the symbol of something new coming into being. It may be an encrypted reference to the “new man” or the “reborn man”, respectively the awakened or enlightened one. Famous alchemist, Paracelsus has spoken about the “inner light” which shines from the “inner Star” as being the source of illumination – or as Jung would be formulated, to gain consciousness by contemplating the Inner Light.
Upright: visionary, progressive, intellectual and compassionate.
Reversed: scatter-brained, erratic, eccentric and unrelaiable.

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