Aquarian Hermetic Tarot Black Edition

Aquarian Hermetic Tarot Black Edition 2020
It is my pleasure to introduce you the Aquarian Hermetic Tarot, special Black Edition.
Following the pattern of the Aquarian Hermetic Tarot, the Black Edition is a beautiful and classy version, a perfect combination of elegance and content.
Each card features the Zodiac Wheel presenting the cards position, alchemical attribution, psychological profile, timing in hours and days, and upright and reversed keywords.
The Major Arcana cards are depicted by carefully selected and designed symbols.
The rest of the deck has a pattern-based, colour-coded design which facilitates the fast and coherent reading.

The deck is printed on 330gsm extra smooth cardstock, delivered in a black velvet bag with an eight-sided, printed mini-booklet.
Till the Winter Solstice, respectively 21 December, you can purchase the deck at only $59 with worldwide shipping included.

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