C. C. Zain and the Brotherhood of Light

Many people asked my opinion about C. C. Zain and the Brotherhood of Light, respectively, the system C. C. Zain created and promoted.
First and foremost, nobody holds a monopoly on truth. And by nobody, I mean everybody. Not Claudius Ptolemy, not Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa, not John Dee, not Éliphas Lévi, not the illustrious heads of the Golden Dawn, nor Aleister Crowley, not George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, not Frédéric Lionel, not C. C. Zain, and not me for that matter.
Truth has been shredded and dispersed. We only pick up the pieces and try to put them back together according to the best of our knowledge and understanding. Some of us with more talent and success than others.
I sustain critical thinking, and I believe in order to find the correct answers, one should question everyone and everything. As I repeatedly stated, learning is a matter of understanding, and it is not the capability of memorising.

Under the pen name C.C. Zain, Elbert Benjamine wrote the twenty-one Brotherhood of Light lessons, including the Sacred Tarot (Book 6).
Elbert Benjamine was born in Adel, Iowa, on December 12, 1882. His higher education was acquired at Iowa State University, where he studied to be a naturalist. In July 1900, he encountered astrology before he graduated, which put him on a different spiritual path, and this is how C.C. Zain came into being.
C.C. Zain speaks about Stellar Wisdom and the Religion of the Stars or the Church of Light, claiming roots back to the most ancient teachings in the world that have been handed down to custodians from prehistoric times.
The official site of the organisation states that “the most ancient teachings in the world are those of the Religion of the Stars. They have been handed down to custodians from prehistoric times, and were the doctrines taught and accepted in the School of the Magi in ancient Chaldea and Egypt. The Masters of this school penetrated the inmost recesses of nature, grasped her arcane secrets. At no later date have the occult sciences and the laws of spiritual advancement been so well understood in their practical aspect. (…)
In the year 2,440 BC a group separated from the Theocracy of Egypt, and through all subsequent times, as a secret order, the name of which translated into English means The Brotherhood of Light, has been perpetuated, and has exerted a beneficial influence upon western civilization.”
As we should acknowledge, pedigree is quite important in the world of spiritual teachings and mystical-magickal orders. Just like good stories are highly appreciated by the wider audience, especially Americans.
You will find plenty of mystical and mythological references in the twenty-one lessons of the Brotherhood of Light. C.C. Zain provided and alternative history of the world and its spiritual development. Yet, how accurate are these accounts – everyone has to decide for themselves. Most of these stories cannot be correlated with hard evidence, nor other sources, so it is all a matter of personal belief.
On the other hand, the lack of physical evidence doesn’t mean or prove anything. The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

C.C. Zain claims that the Age of Pisces astrology has been crippled and hijacked, misinterpreted and misused, and at the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, all these spiritual teachings should be re-evaluated, rectified and restored.

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