Demo Tarot reading regarding wealth



Question from the querent:

– Is there money in my future?

Before we get started, you should know that I’m here to provide guidance, not to predict the future, I’m not a fortune-teller, but a spiritual guide. I will not sugar-coat my message, I will provide straight and honest answers. I can only show you the opportunities and what your options are at this moment in time, and you’ve got to understand that the decisions are yours to take and you are the only one who can actually do something to change things in your life. Wealth, love, enlightenment, health and any other ‘good things’ (bad included) don’t just happen in one’s life. Well, I guess you would argue that some people win the lottery, but those are the very few exceptions to the rule, extraordinary cases, out of the ordinary.

Just sitting and waiting for something extraordinary to happen, in my opinion, is never the best choice. If you really want something, you have to act and include your desires, feelings and thoughts to get what you want. People are generally not conscious about the actual power of all these components and how these factors actively influence, contribute and generate our future.

Generally, I am inclined not to answer trivial questions about money because in a very simplified answer always applies: there will be no money if you don’t make any money. However, I am making an exception and I am looking at the cards.

Present (current situation): Page of Disks reversed. The card signifies judgement. You are emotionally liable when you should only take in consideration the practical/material aspects.

Past (the root of your issues): Six of Swords reversed. The card signifies narrow mindedness. It seems you always considered only one option and disregarded all other opportunities. When a door shuts, somewhere a window opens. It’s up to you to sense these opportunities and not focus exclusively on the door that’s been shut.

Future (where are you heading): King of Disks. The card signifies stability, consistency, hard work. If there will be any money, it will result from your own effort, from work and not from any extraordinary inheritance or luck.

But, the right question, in my opinion should have been: what should I do to earn more money/to have a more consistent income?

So, I have drawn another three cards.

Present (current situation): Ten of Cups reversed. The card signifies that you may envy others’ success. When it comes to money, you should put your emotions aside, think straight and mind your own business. Don’t make it a competition about who can make more, this is more about you having what you need. For instance, I cannot envy someone whose got a Ferrari, because I don’t have a driver’s licence and I don’t need a car. I am aware that I need other things more and I’m focused on getting those things instead.

Past (the root of your issues): Two of Cups reversed. The card signifies irrationality. Once again, you are too emotional, you ‘think’ with your heart instead of using your brain/mind to act in practical manner as opposed to emotional.

Future – the key to succeed: The Hierophant. You have to be ambitious and need to be practical/pragmatic. Stop dreaming, stop looking around. Focus on yourself, your qualities, the current possibilities and the options, trust yourself and do whatever you have to do to get what you want.

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