This is a true conversation. Only the name of the man who contacted me has been altered.
No people or animals were harmed during the conversation.

  • hi

  • Hello. What can I do for you?

  • Yess
    Numerology help man
    Can u?
    Pytha or Chaldean?

  • Depends what you have on your mind.

  • Ok

  • I know both methods and several others.

  • I donno whether my current Name is balanced to pytha or not
    I m struggling hard to get success in career
    I m 2/7 …..wat expression and soul urge would be best for me?
    I have my name balanced in Chaldean already

  • I honestly do not believe that a name can compromise your efforts. Generally, there are other reasons for lack of success.

  • As in?
    But a gud name number do help to get a smooth success
    My name is XYZ

  • A lot of work and perseverance brings results. Smooth success is an illusion or an accident.

  • Okk
    My Birth number is 2 and life path is 7….
    If a person’s name is balanced in Chaldean, and a karmic debt is coming in Pythagorean, than Pythagorean will effect on not or Chelsea will only give the result?

  • Two means you have to learn to work with other people and avoid conflicts. Seven is a creative number, but success will only come by hard work.

  • Okk
    Will name change help or not?

  • You can not ride two horses at once.

  • Sorry… I didn’t get u

  • You can NOT ride two horses at once. Chose one method, the Chaldean or Pythagorean or any other, and use that one exclusively.

  • For this combination I want to take expression as 3 and soul urge as 5 in Pythagorean… How it cud be?

  • Five is another odd number, also creative but also success only comes by struggle.

  • got my name balanced with Chaldean, but in Pythagorean 19 karmic debt is coming, so some one told that, it will also affect… So
    Expression as 3?
    Cud u check my name…

  • My two cents, you should not think that much on your name, and focus on the job you have to do.

  • As per Pythagorean, I sent u…
    I understand,, but let it get balance once…. I m already working very hard.. So I m side by side trying to improve my luck factor as well
    If u can help in thus regard, than I wud be excellent man

  • Not sure how it is possible. Do you want to change your name? Ok, change it to David – god’s favourite – and see how it will work out for you. Best wishes man!

  • Hahahahahh
    Bro.. Numerologist do correct or rectify the name spellings………
    How u do help people, as u r numerologist, u only suggest people to work hard??
    U have learnt many modalities of numerology for Wat bro… Just to suggest people to work harddd

  • Possibly you have mistaken me for Jesus. Sorry bro, I am not. I am not in the helping people business. I tell you what to do if you want to get somewhere. As I said, for Two, you have to avoid conflicts and learn to collaborate with other people, and for Seven, be creative and prepared to put into your project a lot of hard work. Hard work generally gets things done. You don’t like hard work, may try the lottery. Honestly, it is entirely up to you.

  • R u a Numerologist or not?
    Do I know name correction is done in numerology or not?

  • I am more like a plastic-surgeon. Would you like to look like Will Smith?

  • Yesss

  • That’s the spirit!

  • No.. Leave than
    Give me some mantra or magic to get overall success broo
    Any chant?
    To transform my life in positive way?
    New positive beginning… Any sigils or magic?
    Do u know as such?
    Any chanting?
    I m already doing hard work..

  • For true mantras and sacred chants, you should address a monk or a priest. Forget about internet crap. Seriously. Take care and best wishes!

  • Ok

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