Relationship and third-party readings

third-party readings

third-party readings
(Beeswax [Encaustic] Collage: “The Cartomancer” by Joanna Powell Colbert. Source
The most frequently asked questions are regarding issues concerning our relationships. I would say this is something natural; humans are emotional creatures. It is also a fact that most people are looking for answers or guidance when the circumstances are not as they wanted to be. When everything is peaceful and peachy, nobody needs a cop, a doctor, a priest, a therapist, a shoulder to cry on or an astrologer, a numerologist or a cartomancer. People generally seek out for help when it is cloudy, and a menacing storm is approaching or, it just passed, and one is struggling with its consequences.
When it comes to Cartomancy, the art of reading cards, there is a couple of things one should know and understand.
The cards are not occult spying instruments. If they had been, all the leaders of the world and their even more powerful secret services would hire cartomancers to find out what their partners and adversaries are planning. Corporate espionage would have a different definition. However, far as I know, nobody succeeded in reading someone else’s mind. The explanation is quite simple. All these so-called paranormal phenomena are operating under the government of the same laws and principles.
For instance, if one does not agree to be hypnotised, that person can not be hypnotised. Telepathy only works between people sharing solid common bounds. It works the best between people blood-related cause blood is the most powerful bound, but can also work between people developing willingly and consciously other physical, emotional and spiritual connections. However, like any other type of communication, it requires a transmitter and a receiver; the communication channel must be open at both ends. When at one end the connection is closed, no message can be transmitted or received.
The same laws apply for card reading. When one request a reading, that person allows the cartomancer access to its different levels of consciousness. However, that does not allow access to any third person’s consciousness. When one read for itself, only has access to its own consciousness. Therefore, if one will ask what ‘my partner thinks of me’, the answers will only contain the reflection of its own thoughts regarding what that person may think, but not its actual views.
The only efficient method to learn what one feels, thinks, need, desire or intend to do, is to sit down and have a sincere dialogue. Adults should have the strength and wisdom to sit down, discuss and solve their issues. When two adult persons are not capable of having an open discussion face to face concerning their problems, they should address a specialist, a marriage counsellor, but not a deck of cards. Every issue has its specific solution. When one has a leaking pipe, do not call a dentist to fix it.
On the other hand, other people, friends, coworkers, family and partners, regularly are popping-up in our readings. At this point, we should discern between individual and collective consciousness.
I noticed that some people are mistaken individual consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness with the collective consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness. What a skilled cartomancer can do, to a certain degree, is tapping into the collective components of consciousness; what they can not do is tapping into the individual consciousness of a third-party. So, we can access some available information from the collective consciousness regarding a third-party during a reading session, but what it is not possible is to access a third-party’s’ consciousness – including here its thoughts and feelings – directly without its specific consent.
One should learn to ask the right questions in order to receive the aspected answers. Therefore, instead of asking ‘how my partner feels about me?’, one can ask ‘what I should know about my relationship at this point?’
It is also important and helpful to use custom spreads to specific issues. There are many dedicated spreads for dealing with matters regarding relationships. The spreads have that quality of bringing to our attention aspects which otherwise probably would not be noticed, nor revealed. However, some of the modern spreads were created by non-professional individuals and offered ‘back doors’ for third-party’s privacy. For instance, ‘the card on position two shows what your partner thinks about you, the card from position three shows what your partner feels, and the card from position four shows what your partner is going to do.’ This type of ‘hacking’ attempts into the consciousness of a third-party will only reveal what we, respectively, our clients may believe that person thinks, feels or intend to do.
At last, but not least, one should understand that Cartomancy is the art of reading and interpreting the cards and the cards only. Therefore, cartomancer should focus exclusively on reading the cards, not the persons. Cartomancy requires a considerable amount of knowledge and preparation but does not require psychic abilities. Psychics, on the other hand, may use cards as accessories, but that does not make them cartomancers. When one asks for your first cat’s name, your Facebook or Instagram password and your credit card number, that person is not a cartomancer, nor a psychic.

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