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KS Queen of Cups

The traditional interpretation of the card is a blond woman. Her attributes, according to Etteilla, are virtue, wisdom, honesty. Mathers adds success, happiness and

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Another look at the Court Cards, part three

Introducing the Knight of Swords, Queen of Cups and Page of Wands. Queen of Cups – Scorpio (Fixed/Water, Pluto in Scorpio), under the rulership of Death.

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Queen of Cups

Fortune-telling interpretation: Upright: fair-haired woman. Honest woman, virtue, wisdom, honesty. Reversed: a woman of distinguished rank, honest woman. Vice, dishonesty, depravity, perversion, disturb-ance, trouble, debauchery, corruption, scandal. Divination: Queen of Cups – Scorpio (Fixed/Water). The Queen of Cups embodies the … Continue reading

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