KS Little Death

Karpathy-Smith Tarot Little Death

My astrological attribution of the card is Scorpio, respectively Scorpio woman and Pluto in Scorpio. A short description would be: emotionally highly charged, but Read more KS Little Death

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Another look at the Court Cards, part three

The Queen of Cups and Death, Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot deck

The Queen of Cups and Death, Cary-Yale Visconti Tarot deck
Introducing the Knight of Swords, Queen of Cups and Page of Wands.
Queen of Cups – Scorpio (Fixed/Water, Pluto in Scorpio), under the rulership of Death. Read more Another look at the Court Cards, part three

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Death, symbol for spiritual liberation

Tarot of Cyclicity

Tarot of Cyclicity
“Beyond the cyclical return of existences, palingenesis – meaning rebirth following death – provides access to a superior life, the ultimate stage of terrestrial evolution. Read more Death, symbol for spiritual liberation

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Traditional Divinatory Tarot, Death

Traditional Divinatory Tarot, Death Fortune-telling interpretation:
Upright: death, mortality, annihilation or ruin, destruction. End, deterioration, debasement or adulteration, rot, corruption, putrefaction.
Reversed: inertia, sleep, lethargy, petrification. Annihilation or ruin, somnambulism.

The Air, Water and Fire attributed to the Tarot card according to the kabbalistic scheme, should not be confused with the Four Elements. These are the Three Primes or Tria Prima mentioned by Paracelsus.
According to alchemists, Mercury, Salt and Sulphur are the three-fold aspects of all phenomena to be found in all compounds of a mineral or organic nature.
Mercury represents the Spirit, Salt the Body; and Sulphur the Soul. Philosophically speaking, Mercury is the Mind; Salt is the Will, and Sulphur is Love. The three are the components of the Philosopher’s Stone.
Salt is used to preserve meat and prevent decay. Salt is also used for purification. Eventually, the subconscious level of the Life-power’s activity is purged and purified. Salt, on the other hand, represents the subconscious level.

78 + cover and bulk card deck, 330gsm superior quality smooth card stock.
The cards feature upright and reversed meaning, astrological, numerological and kabbalistic attributions.
8-sided, accordion, printed mini-booklet with 5 card spreads and further instructions.
PLUS, 24 pages A5 digital booklet, Cartomancy Class One PDF for FREE included!

TRADITIONAL DIVINATORY TAROT – REGULAR EDITION 62 USD (shrink-wrapped and delivered in white, window tuck box)

TRADITIONAL DIVINATORY TAROT – DELUXE EDITION 78 USD (shrink-wrapped and delivered in a custom rigid box)

Traditional Divinatory Tarot

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