Tarot and COVID-19

Tarot and covid-19

Tarot and covid-19
The ongoing coronavirus pandemic brought up many questions regarding this situation and how it will have an impact on our lives and our future. The Tarot community is not immune to these troubling issues.
What can the cards tell about a virus and a pandemic? In my opinion, the first question should be, what type of questions the cards can answer? One can ask whatever she or he wants from the cards, but we should think about how reliable and useful those answer can be. The quality of the question determines the quality – and accuracy – of the answer. There are no written or unwritten, legal, spiritual or moral laws against asking, sorry for being blunt, stupid questions. Everybody is allowed to use the Tarot at her or his understanding and ask the cards whatever they may consider relevant.
However, for those who take these matters seriously, scholarly if I may be allowed to say, asking the cards about the pandemic related issues is similar to the third-person related questions and readings. It means that the cards will only reveal the inquirer’s inner expectations, respectively its own consciousness, subconsciousness and unconsciousness.
For example, when one asks about how citizen X feels or thinks about her or him, the card shows what the inquirer’s opinion regarding how citizen X may feel or think about, but not her or his actual feelings or thoughts. If one asks if she or he gets sick, the cards will reveal her or his own fears and hopes.
The Tarot is a Magick mirror. It shows our own reflection, the image of people around us and the part of the universe concerning us. As I repeatedly stated, the Tarot is not a supernatural super-spying instrument. It was not conceived to be one, and it does not work accordingly, no matter what unrealistic expectations some of us may have.

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