Tarot d’ Epinal

The Tarot d’Epinal is a reproduction of a French deck from 1830, republished in the 1990s by Grimaud. It has 79 cards – the extra is called the ‘Consultant’ – and some trumps have been renamed.
This review is based upon a vintage and bilingual French/English printing of the Tarot d’Epinal from 1976. The deck has 79 cards, the additional card is named ‘the Consultant’ and is a Significator card. The deck was a reprint of one from 1830 printed by Pellerin (France). The deck was based upon woodcuts designed by the engraver Georgin.
Colors used in this deck are basic and are blue, green, yellow, red, brown, beige, and a deep indigo. The Tarot d’Epinal is designed in a style akin to the 1JJ.

Name: Epinal Tarot – 1830, republished in the 1990s by Grimaud.
Alternate Names: Tarot d’Epinal
Creators: Georgin
Publisher: Grimaud
Deck Type: Tarot Deck
Cards: 79


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