Tarot of the Nymphs

The myth of the Nymphs demonstrates that only through love can a creature truly come to life, and that without love, there is no soul. It is a special love, more spiritual than carnal, and yet completely immersed in Nature and her elements.
In their eternal youth, free from all conventions that all too often today reduce eros to an artificial and superficial experience, the love that these maiden daughters of brooks and springs express and that they urge us to rediscover within is the spontaneous fruit of nature, a pure and vital force that brings with it well-being and harmony.
In classic mythology, the Nymphs represent the archetype of nature and youth. They are female spirits linked to water…
By contemplating the Tarot of the Nymphs, we enter into contact with a deck that is the profound quintessence of femininity, dedicated to beauty, to purity, to delicacy, and to love, but not necessarily sensual and physical love.
Classically lovely nymphs show us different view of the classic Rider Waite Smith images. Like themselves, the cards are beautiful, flowing with a sensuality, an eros, that is more spiritual than carnal. The Tarot of the Nymphs is an enticing deck, especially when you want something other than cold, hard reality. (llewellyn.com)


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