Samurai Tarot deck

Samurai Tarot is a fascinating addition to Lo Scarabeo’s wonderful line of art Tarot decks. Based on the Samurai tradition of feudal Japan, this deck takes the Fool’s Journey to new levels. The Samurai were much more than simple warriors – they placed their lives in the hands of their lord and their clan.
As the LWB points out – duty was the Samurai’s most important focus. Does this not resonate with the “duty” of the reader to interpret the story of their readings in the best manner possible? Do we each not have a “duty” to progress as individuals as far as we can in each lifetime?
For the Samurai, their path was defined by an elaborate moral and behavioral code termed “Bushido”. The basic philosophy of Bushido was complete freedom from fear, including the fear of death. The “Samurai Tarot” is presented as the journey of the “inner Samurai” through the tests of life. The goal of the original spirit of Bushido focuses more on the “inner enemy” than on the physical elimination of enemies. In this manner, the legacy of the Samurai keeps alive the path toward moral progress and the forming of a mature personality – the process of “individuation” that is the Tarot. (


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