The origin of traditional Western Numerology


(The general introduction of the chapter dedicated to Numerology from my book, A Manual of Cartomancy).

Astrology and Numerology are not alternatives, but complementary methods of knowledge. These two branches of the esoteric science are deeply interconnected. St. Augustine of Hippo noted that “numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth.”
Mathematics is considered the language of God(s) and therefore, the language of creation. According to the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, Hebrew is the language of God – at least of Yahve, the God of the Old Testament. However, more likely, if there is such a sacred language, that probably would be the Sumerian or Egyptian as some may believe. When at the beginning of the times, presumably, God said “Let there be light”, those letters and words meant more than a simple phrase, they were a Magick formula. To understand these formulas, one should take consideration not only the letters and their value and charge but also analyse their sound and frequencies. It matters not only what God said, but also how it was told.
Mathematics, on the other hand, is also a universal language commonly shared by all humans which allow different people from all over the world to communicate with each other.
One plus two makes three is an arithmetic process, and Algebra deals with this type of equations. Numerology deals not with the quantity but the quality of the additions. While Algebra deals with the matters of the physical world, Numerology deals with those of the spiritual world. One is the world of visible and tangible things, the other deals with the subtle matters of the unseen and the intimate relationships that are running underneath the appearance of the physical world. Mixing these two aspects, respectively applying methods from the material to the spiritual world may not reveal the results one would expect.
Western Numerology claims its roots back with thousand years, but truthfully, the term was coined only around 1937 by Dr Julia Seton who is credited with giving the study of names and numbers the modern term “Numerology” which comes from the Latin word “numerus,” meaning number, and the Greek word “logos,” meaning word.

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