10 of Wands


Those with Sun in Sagittarius are filled with a sense of responsibility for society and for themselves. They love to get into the new areas of knowledge, to travel, they have an abstract thinking. Mostly they tend to idealism, and, as a rule, they are fair, honest and generous.
Externally, this people are very courteous, friendly, love to patronize. They know how to listen, love to meet the desires of other people, love and know how to educate, how to serve as an example.Being very self-confident, their pride should not be hurt, it angers them. They need to learn patience, because they pretty often lose self-control, but normally Sagittarius have enough sense of humor to notice it in time and give their behavior some friendly expression. They love to give advice. They are able to find a common language with any person, from the janitor to the minister. They may seem naive and too frank, but they will not let themselves be deceived. They always have a goal, which they pursue with ambition, going to the top, and they can manage this goal pretty well. (Source: veastrology.com)

Sun in Sagittarius gives lofty ideas and a noble aspiring disposition aiming to rise by raising others. It makes the person benevolent, philanthropic and therefore beloved among his associates. He is often the recipient of honors and appointments to positions of trust, and missions of a delicate nature, not could a better selection be made, for such people are the souls of honor. This position will also bring success in religion, law and statesmanship for it gives an expansive mind fitted to grapple with the greater problems of life. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

9th House, House of Philosophy (Journeys). Higher education. Knowledge. Experience through expansion. Religion. Law and ethics. Foreign travel and foreign countries. Culture.Long distance travels and journeys.

This position brightens the mind and imbues the person with high ideals and lofty ambitions. It makes him generously tolerant of other people’s opinions–noble and kind-hearted. There is an inner urge to solve problems of life and learn the “whys” and “wherefores,” hence the mind turns naturally toward philosophy, religion and law. And as we always excel in the things we love, people with the Sun in the Ninth House make excellent statesmen, lawyers and ministers of God. They shine in all intellectual and scientific pursuits. Their mission often takes them into foreign lands. (Source: rosicrucian.com)

The number 1 – Sun, Active/Intuitive (Fire)
Positive traits:
– Creativity, active, initiator of action, pioneering spirit, ambitious, strong leadership skills, independent, drives to attain, generous, loyal, extraordinary will and determination, courageous.
Negative traits:
– Overly assertive or aggressive, dominating, impulsiveness, egotistic, boastfulness, wilfulness, stubborn, pretentious, vain.

Crowley: Oppression. The number Ten refers to Malkuth, which depends from the other nine Sephiroth, but is not directly in communication with them. It shows the Force detached from its spiritual sources. It is become a blind Force; so, the most violent form of that particular energy, without any modifying influences. The flames in the back ground of the card have run wild. It is Fire in its most destructive aspect. The card also refers to the influence of Saturn in Sagittarius. Here is the greatest antipathy. Sagittarius is spiritual, swift, light, elusive, and luminous; Saturn is material, slow, heavy, obstinate, and obscure. The eight Wands are still crossed, showing the enormous power of the completed energies of Fire; but they have lost their patents of nobility. Their ends seem more like claws; they lack the authority and intelligence shown in the earlier cards; and in front are the two formidable Dorjes of the Two of Wands, but lengthened to bars.
The whole picture suggests Oppression and repression. It is a stupid and obstinate cruelty from which there is no escape. It is a Will which has not understood anything beyond its du]l purpose, its “lust of result”, and will devour itself in the conflagrations it has evoked.

Waite: A man oppressed by the weight of the ten staves which he is carrying.
A card of many significances, and some of the readings cannot be harmonized. I set aside that which connects it with honour and good faith. The chief meaning is oppression simply, but it is also fortune, gain, any kind of success, and then it is the oppression of these things. It is also a card of false-seeming, disguise, perfidy. The place which the figure is approaching may suffer from the rods that he carries. Success is stultified if the Nine of Swords follows, and if it is a question of a lawsuit, there will be certain loss.
Reversed: Contrarieties, difficulties, intrigues, and their analogies.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards:
10 of Clubs – Business success. Good luck with money. A trip taken now may result in a new friend or love interest.


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