Esoteric Tarot a series of 29 books

Esoteric Tarot Vol 1 and 2

I have this insanely ambitious project to write and publish a series of 29 books about the Esoteric Tarot.
After serious consideration, I concluded that the best size for these books is the standard US Trade, 6×9 inches, respectively 152×229 millimetres.
The first volume is called “Initiatory Manual” and consist of theoretical and practical guidelines about the Tarot and its connection with Astrology, Numerology, Kabbalah, Alchemy, and the Fourth Way. It will be your personal guide throughout the journey outlined by the twenty-eight workbooks. However, by the very nature of these books, each experience will be unique and unrepeatable.
Each of the twenty-two cards of the so-call Major Arcana will have its separate book. Another book deals with the Court cards, one separate volume for each of the four Suits, and another deals with High Magick. A total of twenty-eight workbooks.
My initial thought was to have the manual part printed at the beginning of each workbook, but then I realised that would be an enormous waste of trees and make these volumes extremely large and difficult to handle.
The second volume, which is the first journal and workbook, is dedicated to the Fool.
The first section of the book deals in detail with the Fool.
The second section is the journal and workbook.
Twenty-eight represents four cycles of seven. The seven years cycles are highly significant in the development of each individual and define one’s personality. These cycles are from zero to seven, seven to fourteen, fourteen to twenty-one and twenty-one to twenty-eight. They have been associated in various ways but ultimately can be assimilated with the four Elements and a complete development cycle. Only at the age of twenty-eight, an individual is fully developed and can be considered a responsible adult. Esotericism, fully integrated within the science of the Tarot, requires a similar long-term dedication.
The journal and workbook will consist of 312 dotted pages, and the number resulted from four by seventy-eight, representing the four elements and the seventy-eight Tarot cards. They symbolise four complete cycles.
The journal pages will feature each the three-card exercise and an inspirational quote.
Each day you will have to perform a three-card pull, note down the question and your impressions and interpretation of the cards.
Additionally, one may examine the relation of these three cards with the card or group of cards that particular volume deals with.
For fun, you may also examine how the quote fits the question, the cards you have pulled, respectively the answer you obtained.
Twenty-six by three equals seventy-eight, representing three cards per day by twenty-six days equals seventy-eight cards, respectively the complete Tarot deck. After each twenty-six journal page, an exercise will be inserted with a larger spread – a total of twelve spreads and about 336 pages.
At the end, there will be an extra twenty-four dotted pages for free exercises and personal notes, resulting in 360 journal and workbook pages. It is not a complete calendar year but a full Zodiac cycle.

Hopefully, the work will be finished by the end of the summer. I will keep you posted!

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