The Book of Azathoth Tarot deck

The Azathoth Tarot is Nemo’s Lockers’ homage to the great Howard Phillips Lovecraft and is intended to be a deck that might have existed in the Lovecraftian universe, perhaps even used by the witch, Keziah Mason, or old wizard Whateley; and to carry forward the eldrich atmosphere that Lovecraft weaved so well.
Detailed pen and ink drawings create this full 78 card Tarot deck which comes cradled snugly in a heavy lidded presentation box.
The cards are 3.5″ x 5″, printed on premium quality 350gsm card stock and provided with a smooth plastic finish.
This a Limited Second Edition of 1000 Decks.

You may purchase the deck here.
The Book of Azathoth Tarot Cards are $29 per deck.
Nemo’s Locker will be offering a companion book: “The Book of Azathoth (Azathoth Tarot)”, which will be available for purchase separately in the future.

This is a dark and beautiful deck based on the classic Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot deck.