Sensual Wicca Tarot

A brilliant attempt to present the Tarot, Wicca, and the Wiccan aspects of sexuality that doesn’t quite succeed due to limitations of format and skill. Still, at times this deck soars above the limitations and is filled with brilliance and inspiration, making this a good deck for meditation and collection. Read more Sensual Wicca Tarot

Dragons Tarot

Dragons are common in legend the world over. Many cultures, separated by distance and time, have stories, art, or myths of fire-breathing lizards or giant reptiles often representing nature, chaos or the four elements. In modern times we have the contemporary version – the fantasy dragon of science-fiction and fantasy fiction. Read more Dragons Tarot

Secret Tarot

As infinite as time, as deep as the sea, and as mysterious as fate, each Arcana possesses a living soul and a voice which whispers forgotten things to the hearts of all men and women. These 78 Arcana represent just as many steps in an esoteric journey which leads to the discovery of the past, the present, and the future. Read more Secret Tarot

Tarot of the Secret Forest

Have you ever walked into a forest or woods, far enough in that there is no visible path, certainly no road, no other people, and barely any sunlight? At first, all you see is the forest as a whole. You feel surrounded. The lack of boundaries, of direction, of knowing where to go can be, for some people, very disconcerting and even frightening. Read more Tarot of the Secret Forest

Tarot of the Dream Enchantress

Many people say that dreams are one way that the subconscious speaks to the conscious mind. Dreams use images and symbols to create a bridge, to form a way communicating that both parts of the mind can understand. Tarot works very much the same way. The images on the cards awaken our souls, stir our intuition, and open up new realms of understanding. Read more Tarot of the Dream Enchantress

Tarot of the Spirit World

There are times during each of our lives when we notice something looming over us & guiding us but we can’t quite grasp it: odd coincidences, luck, dreams, mysterious messages through encounters with people, object, words written or heard. It’s as if invisible spirits interact among us, or at least this is our impression. We call them angels, demons, spirits, entities, but most often we try to obscure their signals by rationalizing. We make an effort, therefore, not to see… Read more Tarot of the Spirit World

Tarot of Reflections

Do we act differently if we are being watched? What if the one who is watching is us? If we could stand outside ourselves and look at our lives, would we respond to life in a different way? The Aborigines believed that Dreamtime was real and what we consider real is actually dream time….what if they are right? What if none of it is real? What if all we believe is only an illusion? Read more Tarot of Reflections